GEPF, ETG Inputs Holdings talk merger

ZAMBIA - Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) and ETG Input Holdings Limited, a global integrated agricultural supply chain group, intend to merge and have applied to competition and consumers protection bodies for approval.

Late rainfall won’t affect harvest - ZNFU

ZAMBIA – Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) says the late rainfall that occurred in some parts of the country last week will not destroy crops but will delay the start of the marketing season due to the increase in moisture content in the affected grains.

Turf war erupts as maize millers clash over subsidy

KENYA - Simmering tension between small-scale maize millers and their large counterparts came to the open Thursday as the government was forced to raise their allocation of the subsidised grain, which is intended to lower the cost of flour to a maximum of Sh90 per two-kilogramme packet.

Grain sector players move to ease maize shortages as demand shoots up

RWANDA - Rwanda had a good harvest for both grains and cereals last season, which attracted huge demand from regional buyers.

This has benefitted farmers in terms of better revenues earned, but has also created big grain shortages on the local market and pushed up prices of beans and maize, according to the Rwanda Grains and Cereals Corporation.